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For many years, Dr. Barbara W. LeWinter worked as a district school psychologist in several locations with youngsters from preschool through high school and beyond. In addition, she taught human development, tests and measurement, and career development courses at a number of colleges, in NY, CA, and VT. As a graduate of Vassar College, CCNY, and USD, as well as a visiting student at Oxford’s seconded program for teachers, Dr. LeWinter brings a wealth of knowledge to her current position as an Independent Educational Consultant. For four years she served as an elected school board member in South Burlington,VT and most recently volunteered as a community board advocate for the Champlain Valley Union District. Her years of experiences include: Counseling families and students Analyzing and interpreting learning styles and cognitive abilities Developing individualized educational programs, Designing curricula for gifted youngsters and students with special needs Helping students with unique learning styles These experiences have provided her with the skills to understand and work effectively and supportively with youth of varying needs and ages. She personally understands the issues students face as they begin to separate from family, transition from high school to college and move from young adulthood to maturity. Dr. LeWinter remains active in her community, having served on many boards, including Vermont Youth Orchestra, Allenbrook Homes for Youth, and Puppets in Education. A past president of her local Rotary, she is involved in Rotary Youth Leadership (RYLA) and has developed Books in Bags, a literacy initiative for underserved youth. Dr. LeWinter is a member of IECA, a national consultants’ association composed of professionals dedicated to the highest standards. She is also a member of HECA (Higher Education Consultant’s Association), NACAC (National Association for College Admissions Counseling), the National Association of School Psychologists, and a retired Nationally Certified School Psychologist. She has licenses as a school psychologist, teacher and administrator in three states: NY, CA, and VT, and is active in the Women Business Owner’s Network (WBON). She and her physician husband reside in Williston,VT.

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