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Nancy Paul's Services

  • Scholarship Coach

    Using her WISHES Blueprint for College Dollars, Nancy coaches families to maximize their opportunities for merit scholarships -- money for college that is awarded for achievement rather than financial need.

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  • Giving Back and Getting Money for College

    Offering a menu of community service involvements around a student's interests to ignite passion for volunteerism and lead to larger merit scholarships, explore possible career direction, cut down on the need to switch college majors (and graduate sooner), build character, foster sense of belonging, and learn new skills.

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  • From Overwhelm to Step-by-Step Action

    Guide college-bound families to go from overwhelm, worry and dread over finding money for college to a proven blueprint to increase eligibility, apply smart and save time.

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  • Merit Scholarship Detective

    Create a targeted-list of merit scholarships that fit each student's unique fingerprint of academic, community service, hobbies, religion, achievements, career goals and background. We focus on what makes each client unique and devise a scholarship plan around that. No two Scholarship Strategy Reports are the same.

  • Scholarship Cheerleader

    Information, support and a sounding-board provide comfort to families in the midst of the complex college search and decision-making process. Students appreciate our frequent "check-ins" to see where they need help and encouragement; parents value the sense of relief in delegating the nudging to us and respect our expertise.


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Nancy Paul's Biography

Nancy empathizes with aspiring college-bound families who do not qualify for need-based aid but are concerned about how to pay for college. Her step-by-step blueprint to merit scholarships is the result of over 100 hours of research (and countless dead-ends) to find merit scholarships that fit her eldest daughter, Rebecca. After finding $125,000 in opportunities for money for college that did not need to be repaid, Nancy was asked by other overwhelmed, worried parents to uncover merit scholarships that matched their children's academic and non-academic involvements. She is passionate about saving families time, reducing stress and maximizing potential to make college dreams come true and reduce college costs. Three Wishes Scholarships specializes in creating a customized game plan to make college more affordable, expanding a student's community service involvement as a way to qualify for larger merit scholarships, and devising a targeted list of merit scholarships. Her new program, Citizens of Our Planet, guides middle school students and ninth and tenth graders to well-chosen community service to lower the cost of college...and a host of other benefits such as aiding in college admissions, exploring new career goals, and pinpointing college majors.

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Owner, Three Wishes Scholarships


Public Relations Strategist, The Nancy Paul Company

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Educational Consulting and Public Relations classes, UCLA Extension


Mass Communications and Sociology, UC Berkeley

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