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Proper academic preparation is critical for ensuring admissions to a student's school of choice. A TCPN counselor can help you determine when and why your child should take risks in selecting course intensity levels during high school, as well as strategically plan an academic schedule that will highlight the student's skill, motivation, and field of expressed interest.


College admissions have never been more competitive or more complicated than today, due in large part to the growing population of college students; by 2012, the number of college-aged students will grow by $5 million. To combat increased competition, students and parents need to be fully engaged in the application process, as well as fully informed on the many intricacies of the admissions process. An experienced TCPN counselor can answer any college admissions questions you have


Whether you child is eyeing a full athletic scholarship or interested in a school with an intramural sports program, a TCPN college athletic expert can help you. Our athletic consultants are former athletic recruiters and coaches who know the ins and outs of planning for college level athletics and selecting the right schools - the ones that may be able to provide a student athlete with a financial package.


There is no room for error on a college application today! With the largest freshman class entering college in 2009, even one misspelling or misrepresentation could land your child's application in the round file. A TCPN counselor can review your child's application from a professional admissions counselor's perspective, giving you insight into the strength and level of professionalism of the application.

Career Planning

Changing a major in college can often mean an additional year of college - translating to another year's tuition and increased frustration for the student and family. It is critical that college students today have a vision and a path, as well as support to achieve their goals. A counselor from TCPN can assist a student in determining the right career path and planning a long and short-term path to achievement. [Note: TCPN Career Planning is often extremely valuable for current college students still struggling with their major selection.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is overly complicated, with government lenders, private lenders, federal loans, and credit based loans, scholarships, grants, institution aid.the list goes on and on. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the complexities of today's financial aid industry, an expert can help you sort it out quickly and simply, providing you with the accurate and simplified information you need to make decisions that will work long-term for you and your family.

Financial Planning

Very few financial planners today have the knowledge, experience, and education to specifically focus on college financial planning­. TCPN financial planners, many of whom are certified through the National Institute of Certified College Planners, can answer your financial planning questions and help you get on a long-term path to preparing financially for the most important investment you might ever make - you child's education.

Post Admissions

In today's highly competitive job market, it is important for recent college graduates to be focused, motivated, and confident. Post admissions career counselors can help students to select the right professional opportunities, prepare for job interviews, brace for success and hard work, and determine realistic expectations for both their immediate and long-term future.

Saving for College

There are countless college savings plans available today, and very few financial planners who are able to share an unbiased knowledge of the benefits and downsides to each one. By talking with a TCPN expert, you can get professional insight into the right long-term savings plan that might work for you and your family. TCPN counselors have professional experience in college financial planning and are highly educated in the most current products and services available.


Everyone knows that scholarships are the best way to "pay" for college; the word alone is music to any parent's ears. But how can you find the most realistic scholarship opportunities, write compelling application essays, and manage the time required to sift through and complete lengthy scholarship applications? A TCPN scholarship expert can help you!

Student Loans

Are ever-changing interest rates, competing lenders, loan requirements, borrower benefits, and complicated promissory notes overwhelming you? TCPN has some of the most knowledgeable student loan experts in the industry available to assist you navigate through the complicated process of student loans - whether federal, institutional, or private.

Test Preparation

Test preparation is a highly competitive field today, no longer simply a choice between Kaplan or The Princeton Review. TCPN test preparation advisors will help you determine the right test preparation program for your needs, budget, and time constraints. Additionally, they will help you determine which tests to take and at what time in the college planning process.


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